The Alsum family farms together outside of Randolph, WI in northeastern Columbia County.  Mom and dad Lana and Scott farm with their children, Ben, Brittany, Luke, Levi, and Lilly.  They specialize in sweet corn but also grow a wide range of crops throughout the season.  Their farm has been operating under the Alsum family name for 101 years.  You may also find them selling their homegrown produce at farm stands around the region and at the Dane County Farmers Market.

The Alsums are founding members of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative.  They joined the co-op because they saw the opportunity of having access to larger markets.  Scott Alsum, who was elected by the farmer-members to the co-op board of directors sees, “the Food Hub as a forerunner in the local/regional food system, paving the way for small and medium scale producers to creatively address the growing needs of emerging markets.”

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