Andy is a fourth generation potato farmer in Wisconsin’s Central Sands Region.  They currently manage approximately 2,700 acres of potatoes.  Potatoes are well suited to sandy soil and the Central Sands Region is some of best soil for growing potatoes in the whole of Midwest due to it’s excellent drainage and mostly flat, glaciated topography.  This iteration of the farm was started in 1962.  Andy’s grandfather, now in Antigo, still grows the seed potatoes for Coloma Farms.

Andy and his family are committed to quality.  They have a very close relationship with the Agronomy and Soils Department within the University of Wisconsin and have helped fund and benefited from some of the most cutting edge research on potatoes farming practices in the United States.  They routinely participate in field trials and even have a UW-maintained observation facility on their property.

Coloma Farms primary sales outlets include Mccane’s french fries and Frito Lay.  Their recent expansion of their processing line will allow a greater level of efficiency and cost savings.  Andy is excited about the Food Hub because, as he is a larger producer, it will allow him to diversify his markets.  Coloma Farms is developing lines that include more local and artisanal tuber varieties.  He believes that Food Hub allows for more creative flexibility and encourages larger producers to tap into the “local” food economy.  He also believes that it will allow for greater levels of collaboration between different levels of producers.