Sunset Orchard, Where Richland Hills Farms Comes to Life

Sunset Orchard is located in charming and idyllic Richland Center, WI. Most of the apples sliced and packaged by Richland Hills Farms are grown right here, in the nutrient-rich hills of Wisconsin. When settlers arrived in the late 1800’s, they were impressed by the high-quality soil which is why they named it “Richland County.”
In those pristine hills of Richland County, Sunset Orchard has been growing and harvesting apples for 70 years. Our apple trees benefit from all the nutrients in the soil and the sparkling clean Wisconsin river. With 65 acres of healthy and thriving apple trees, many customers believe that the delicious flavor found in our apples is a byproduct of the well-kept soil and waterways in the area.
For us, we work hard to ensure the highest quality apples make it from our farm to your table. Starting with the crops, we tend to their needs through pruning and irrigation techniques. Once harvested, our facilities are equipped with sanitation processes for quality assurance.
We are GAP and GHP certified. A GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification means that our farming and harvesting techniques reduce the risk of contamination. Apples can still be at risk when being handled and packaged which is why it’s equally important to be GHP certified (Good Handling Practices). This means that even after harvesting, when in the production plant and being sliced and packaged, we still meet the highest standard for preventing food hazards.
Sunset Orchard and Richland Hills Farms meet all the qualifications for food safety. The orchards are located in a part of America that was and still is renowned for high-quality soil. We take pride in our product and the work we do to bring it to adults and children alike. Thank you for choosing Sunset Orchard, a Wisconsin family tradition.