J.R. Flyte and his family run Flyte Family Farm in Coloma, WI.  J.R. is the youngest son of Lee and Cheryl Flyte is taking over operations and management of the family fresh produce farm that was established in 1972.  Lee and Cheryl both come from farming backgrounds.  Lee grew up in a dairying family and Cheryl’s parents operated a market garden.  As was customary for many farmers, Cheryl remembers going door-to-door selling produce when she was young.  The whole Flyte family is involved in the farm.  J.R. older brother Adam and his family also operate a fresh market farm in the area.

You will also see their products in farm stands around the region.  They also do run some cattle and grow alfalfa and corn for the herd.  The family is most passionate about sweet corn but love all of their products because it allows them to interact and contribute to the food security of their region. They appreciate the Food Hub for the flexibility it gives them as well as giving them more options to pool product with other local farmers to address the needs of larger markets.


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