We Thank for for your Support

We partnered with the Wisconsin food hub about  9 years, We really wanted to focus on Locally Grown and they came to us and presented what they were about… Locally grown and putting WI farmers back to farming!

To get things to where we are at today, we had to work through: Product Spec’s, On time arrivals. Communicating on product shortages, product issues, product availability and confidence for our farmers that we were committed to them and their product.

Together we have grown our business with the Wisconsin food Hub, put Local produce on the tables of WI residents and put our farmers back to work.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so grateful to be a part of putting our farmers back to work.

Doreen Melenchuk
Roundy’s Category Manager

The Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative is an exciting new business opportunity for growers and consumers, that will strengthen our communities and help build the Wisconsin local food brand!

Olivia O. Parry
Senior Economic Development Specialist
Dane County, Wisconsin

The Food Hub will provide a vital service by helping me access markets I could not service alone and that allows me to concentrate on what I do best, growing good food. It is great that all I have to do to access the local market now is join the co-op and be a good farmer. I do not need to be an account executive, sales person, marketer, logistics coordinator and a farmer.

Mark Olson
Renaissance Farm
Spring Green, WI

Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative has been a true community partner in support of ending hunger and food systems work. We have relied on their logistics expertise, produce sourcing, transportation, and willingness to work with us as we explore new initiatives. The Tribal Elder Food Box Program would not be the success it is without the partnership of WFHC.

Stephanie Dorfman,
Executive Director,
Feeding Wisconsin
(State Association of Food Banks)

Wisconsin Farmers Union is member and investor because we believe that a community-based cooperative enterprise will best assure that farmers maintain access to equitable prices and markets, and also best build an enduring connection with consumers who share our values about food and farming.

Tom Quinn
Executive Director
Wisconsin Farmers Union

We love using Wisconsin Food Hub produce in our culinary program here at Epic. WFHC brings outstanding quality, excellent prices, and great customer service to the table. Being able to see exactly which farms are growing which products helps our chefs and staff connect to the idea of a strong local food system.