The WFHC offers a number of benefits to its farmer members, including:

    • a full-time Sales Manager
    • a full-time General Manager,
    • the $10 Million liability insurance required by distributors and buyers,
    • access to the ordering systems and software that many buyers use,
    • assistance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification,
    • marketing assistance and materials, preserving farmer identity to the end consumer
    • transportation planning and coordination


 Farmer members of the WFHC make an initial, one-time equity investment to become a voting member of the co-op.  The producer members vote at the annual meeting to elect 7 representatives to the board. The by-laws of the co-op are set so that farmers will always have a majority on the board and in member votes. Producer members will also receive, at the discretion of the board, disbursements of proceeds or profit from the business based on their patronage of the co-op.