We are the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative, and we welcome you to our table.

 The Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative (WFHC) is a farmer-led cooperative owned by the producers and the Wisconsin Farmers Union. The Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative is the result of a unique private-public partnership kicked off by Dane County. The WFHC is looking for additional farmers to join and sell their products through the co-op. The WFHC offers a number of benefits to its farmer members.

“I should understand the land, not as a commodity, an inert fact to be taken for granted, but as an ultimate value, enduring and alive, useful and beautiful and mysterious and formidable and comforting, beneficent and terribly demanding, worthy of the best of man’s attention and care… [My father] insisted that I learn to do the hand labor that the land required, knowing–and saying again and again–that the ability to do such work is the source of a confidence and an independence of character that can come no other way, not by money, not by education.

– Wendell Berry, The Hidden Woud

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