Geneva Lakes Produce is a family vegetable and greenhouse farm based out of Burlington, WI.  We have two farms, one in Burlington, WI used for growing all our midseason vegetables, and one in Saint Anne, Il used for growing all our early season crops as well as our watermelon and cantaloupe.  Geneva Lakes Produce is a truly family operated farm.  Scott, the father manages the Illinois farm, Jordan (26), the oldest son manages the Wisconsin farm and the wholesale end of the farm, and Corban (23), the younger brother manages the packaging shed and the 15 farmers markets that the farm attends.  Wife, Jackie, and daughters Maggie (17), Abbie (21), and Priscilla (12) also all help out on the day to day operations of the farm and farmers markets.

Geneva Lakes Produce specializes in pumpkins, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, and winter squash.  But the farm also grows over 40 other vegetables in the field and over 60 different annual flowers and herbs in the greenhouse.

The farm started out being focused on mostly sweet corn and cantaloupe but over the years leaned towards farmers markets trying to take advantage of the retail market in the Chicago area.  As of the last five years, the farm has been leaning back towards the wholesale market as stores and restaurants have showed a higher demand for local, fresh produce.