Whats Inside My box? Week of October 9, 2023

Watermelon from Pleasant Valley
Strawberries from Svhiel
Cherry Tomatoes from Cattails
Green Crisp Lettuce from SLO
Shredded Brussel Sprouts from Oldens
Roasting Mix from Oldens
Eggs from Happy Harvest
Individual Yogurts from Klondike

Fun Fact

Did you know Olden’s roasting mixes feature pre-cut seasonal vegetables and can be roasted on a sheet pan or cooked in a crock pot or microwave?

Grower Spotlight:

Owned and Operated by Family. Cattail Organics is a USDA certified organic farm focused on growing produce in north central Wisconsin,with distribution capacity throughout the state. We focus on flavor, quality, and cleanliness that exceeds standards of regional and national distributors. As a family farm, we are directly involved with all aspects of production, meaning product quality and processes are literally in our hands! It is our mission to expand local food access in our region through education, dialogue and delivery of consistent products year-round, pushing the constraints of our short growing season.

Keeping your box items fresh:

• Keep refrigerated and stored in a sealed container away from excess moisture.
• Always wash items with salt/vinegar/warm water before consuming.
• Compost after 7 days, or if mold is beginning to grow. Avoid consuming products that have odd smells, slime, textures, etc. or if they feel soft and dehydrated

Easy Scrambled Eggs:
Serving size(4)


• 1 tbsp.unsalted butter or olive oil
• 8 large eggs
• Kosher salt and pepper(optional)


• Heat butter (or oil) in a 10 to 12-in non-stick skillet on medium-low.
• In a bowl, whisk together, eggs and ½ tsp each salt and pepper.
• Add eggs to skillet and cook, stirring often until eggs are beginning to set.
• Once the eggs are nearly set, add desired toppings (think cheese, cooked veggies, herbs,tender greens like spinach or baby kale).